Oceanstar Triple Storage Organizer and Laundry Sorter

Laundry Sorter

Oceanstar Design Group Inc

RRP$ 188.99

Doing your laundry has never been this effortless and convenient! The Oceanstar Triple Storage Organizer and Laundry Sorter does the job for you with its 3 bag storage compartments to separate lights, darks, and colors. It can also be used to separate linens and beddings, delicate wear, toys, stuffed animals, sports balls and equipment, accessories, etc. The adhesive patches on each bag allow for easy removal and on-the-go use. It is perfect for both small and large families, sports club, school setting, garage organization, etc. The functional design of the Oceanstar Triple Storage Organizer and Laundry Sorter is a great addition to any setting.

3 removable bag compartments with drawstring cord lock closures
Adhesive Patches on each laundry bag for easy hanging and removal
Mesh design laundry bag allows air circulation, keeps dampness and odor away
4 swivel casters/wheels (2 standard, 2 locking) for easy transportation
Sturdy bottom shelf for frequent usage and keep bags from touching the floor
Perfect for big families, individual use, dorms, apartments, garage, sports club, school, etc.

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